Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptops

In today’s day and age there are so many tech gadget coming out it’s hard to keep track. The rise of the tablet and smartphone have seen a huge interest grow in the portable PC market and set to fill this game is Windows 8 and the rise of the touchscreen laptop. Featuring the main elements that have made tablets and smartphones so popular – namely the slick styling navigation of being able to stroke your screen like a baby and have it respond in real time. Touchscreen laptops for the new windows 8 are a new contender in the tech space that is set to take off. Some analyst predict that by 2012 more than 60% of all laptops sold in the USA will be touchscreen enabled. This may be a slight exaggeration realistically speaking but you never know. Considering how temperamental the tech space is we could be in for a serious surprise.

Fueling this new touchscreen revolution is Windows 8, the new flagship operating system from the world’s most popular OS. Set to be released in 2013 Windows 8 is built so much around touchscreen capability that it makes using the OS without one difficult according to some early reviewers, though they have most likely made it more backwards compatible since. What this does mean though is that laptop manufacturers are going to be forced to use this technology if they hope to partner with Windows and their latest OS. Windows 7 is great but it’s not hard to imagine it becoming outdated in the near future and without touchscreen abilities these large tech giants have only one place to turn. Enter the touchscreen era, where the touch of a finger and the flick of a wrist can do your banking, order goods online, send an email, literally anything under the sun. The 21st century sure is good living!