Touchscreen Laptops in 2013

The years are cruising by and as technology advances things are continually changing. The next biggest thing to hit the market are touchscreen laptops. These devices are similar to standard laptops except they come touchscreen enabled. Similar tablets and most mobile phones these days, laptops are set to join the craze and start offering full touchscreen capabilities for easy navigation and that stylish touch, excuse the pun. Of course this wouldn’t be possible without software that is touchscreen enabled.

Windows 8 is just around the corner. It’s a buzzword online fueled by anticipation and the touchscreen centric design is what has everyone buzzing. Moving desktop PC’s away from a traditional keyboard and mouse setup is something that will be no easy task. Only time will tell how windows will do when it finally releases it’s next big player in the game but one can imagine only big things are ahead. This is windows after all, and despite a few mishaps along the way they have still managed to pull through and maintain their status as the world’s number 1 operating system for good reason.

In terms of pricing touchscreen laptops are set to be in the range of 700 dollars upwards – this isn’t too bad all things considered! Most laptops are this price currently with half decent specs. The form factor may of course take some getting used to though. Manufacturers are also looking at the “hybrid” market, aka tablets with detachable screens, which are in essence an ultra portability form of touchscreen laptop themselves. Exciting times and only time will tell what truly lies ahead. Best just keep our eye’s peeled and hope for the best.

There are already a few models on the market worth mentioning. With a bit of research you’ll be sure to find a few entry level options, possible even at your local electronics store. Why not pop down now and take a look – you never know what surprises may lie in wait!