Touchscreen Laptops Under 400 Dollars

October 29, 2012


Laptops are a necessity in todays world. There is just no getting around it. Whether it’s to surf porn endlessly, get some work done, fart around online or even play a computer game , the possibilities are almost endless. Tablets and smartphones which have been the buzzword over the past while are useful but still in many ways not as powerful as the good old fashioned PC.

In the near future we will probably see a drastic drop in touchscreen technology found in laptops prices as manufacturers make current components cheap and cheaper. As an example laptops under 400 dollars five or six years ago were almost unheard of. Compare that to todays day and age and it’s clear to see there has been a trend towards cheaper electronics that aren’t “new schoolt”. For gamers tablets and other devices simply don’t offer enough depth as a more powerful configuration. Gaming laptops are usually quite pricey but if you look hard enough it’s possible to find gaming laptops that are surprisingly powerful given there shoe string budget! Sure some of these may be AMD and not Intel but hey, at the end of the day the price is so low anyways it almost has to be worth it even if the laptops might need have longer than a 3 or 4 run in the world (by which time it would probably already be so dated you wouldn’t even care).

More importantly however is the rise of the touchscreen laptop and how this may affect things. Touchscreens are already in use in most of today’s leading devices such as iPhones, tablets, smartphones , even some PC monitors. The rise of this technology also opens up new avenues for software. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest offering that hopes to usher in a new area in computing. Whether to not it will take off as planned awaits to be seen but whatever happens you can guarantee it will be one hell of a good show. It’s hard sometimes to talk about laptops, so I am going to shutup and make myself useful somewhere else now.


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