Powerful Laptops Under 400 Dollars

October 15, 2012


Realistically speaking, this title is probably quite misleading. The truth is you aren’t really going to a laptop that’s very powerful for under 400 dollars, but you sure as hell can try. Some of the greatest deals you are likely to find are in the budget market that is if you are willingly to put in the time and effort to find them. In terms of “power” here we are talking more archaic power, in other words a laptop that would have been shithot 3-4 years ago. This really isn’t that bad though – the rate at which laptops advance is ridiculous and the truth is unless you are all set on feeding your ego by being at the cutting edge, you can save a ton of cash my swallowing your pride and whipping out a sturdy but not exactly class ( at least by today’s standards) laptop that can still do almost everything you need.

If you are a student or just using the laptop for work then your priorities will be slightly different, but in this case we are assuming that if you want a powerful laptop under 400$ you are looking to run some pretty demanding applications. These could be games, media editing software, or just even heavy web browsing which can be more demanding on a PC than some thing. Sure most people aren’t used to having 20-30 tabs open at once, but after a few too many bongs you really never know where your mouse might start clicking.

In terms of specs in a nutshell the best you should try and go for is a Core 2 Duo or possible an AMD CPU. The AMD will be more powerful, but, it’s AMD… and some people aren’t that trusting. RAM 3-4 GB should suffice with a 300GB plus harddrive at least. These kind of specs are realistic for under 400 dollars, and if you teleported back a few years it would definitely be enough to give your local geek store counter staff a full on erection. Whatever happens, just remember to not be a lazy consumer and actually put in the effort before you buy. IT will reap dividends in the long run.


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