Modern Laptops Under $300

November 25, 2013


Laptops PCs are portable computing devices that offer the same features and benefits of a desktop PC. They allow computer users to work or to engage in entertainment based activities such as playing games, watching movies or listening to music. Most manufacturers create powerful notebook computers that costs well over $300. However, there are some modern laptops under $300 that are manufactured as low end computing devices.

Most laptops have a 15 inch screen and laptop devices that have a screen size between 7 and 12 inches are considered netbooks. Netbooks are in fact a miniaturized version of a laptop that has been reduced in size for mobility and to be cost effective. Consumers should also keep in mind that most laptops that are sold under $300 will have at least an i2 processor, 512 RAM and at least 40 GB of hard drive storage. Many models within this range have 512 RAM and 4 GB. Screen size will also make a difference in price because laptops with larger monitors will naturally cost more money.

Acer is a computing company that makes various models of netbooks that cost under $300. The Acer Iconia line has various laptops that are priced well below the $300 range. Acer creates so many different versions of the Iconia that it’s hard to list them all. A few Acer laptops that fall within this range are the Travelmate and AS models. These two versions of the Acer Iconia line were released between 2009and 2012 and they offer users Core i3 processor technology, 2 GB of RAM and 250 GB of HDD. Some versions of the Acer Aspire also fall within this price range.

Chromebook is a laptop that features Google Chrome browsing, apps and other computing features. This type of laptop can be designed and used as a tablet since some models of Chromebook are sold with a portable keyboard and mouse. Many versions of the laptop are manufactured as regular laptops that have touch screen capability. Chromebooks are sold by Google Chrome but some other companies such as Samsung, Acer and HP Pavillion make their own versions of the Chromebook. Acer, Samsung, HP, Dell and Toshiba are some of the major companies that produce laptops that are priced at $300 or below.


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